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Artist Statement:

I’m extremely passionate about combining Plein-air and studio work and the heart of my artistic expression lies in the embrace of landscape and music. These elements hold immense significance, acting as catalysts for powerful emotions and guttural instincts that drive me to create shapes and patterns during moments of cathartic self-expression. Very often my canvases will sit in this beautiful riot of colour, waiting for their story to unfold, eventually forming gateways where narratives, forms and figures materialise that transcend both physical and introspective terrains. .

​My latest series of work emerged from the depths of grief following the loss of my beloved companion of 14 years, 'Wolf,' who passed away last December. Inspired by the healing benefits my art practice provided me, I'm intensely interested to further explore the power of sound, movement and the interconnected flow that binds all living organisms. 

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