Our Collaboration Story




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 As a family we always aim to bring a little creativity into every day through art, music and writing and during 2020 this became even more important!

In March 2020, I quickly decided that the only way to embrace lockdown was to combine my job as an artist with homeschooling and It wasn't long before we started creating lots of fun crafting ideas using as much recycled material we could find in our home. It's amazing what you can make with an old sock and some felt! Creativity definitely helped my son adjust to home schooling and kept us feeling positive, It also brought a wealth of new creative learning, as we embarked on filming and editing some fun craft and cooking videos, which we shared with our sons' school to entertain his class friends and keep them feeling connected.

It was during our daily art classes, that I quickly noticed my son's ability to capture brilliantly unique expressions and humour within the animals he was sketching and our exciting Mum and Son Art collaboration begun. Our collaborative process starts with my son illustrating an animal (sometimes of the really wild variety and sometimes inspired from watching the wildlife in our garden) using pencil or ink, I then transfer his fantastic sketch onto a heavy watercolour board or recycled card so I can add colour and texture through a series of mixed-media, or recreating his unique critters using a mixture of textiles, including wool, felt and embroidery.

It's truly the most rewarding and enjoyable collaboration I've been part of! The whole process is so much fun and has been so exciting to watch develop over the past year.  The characters we are creating have made us smile so much and we hope make others smile too!

We're delighted to include some of our original pieces for sale through the fantastic ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE. We're also pleased to let you know that you can now buy our greeting card designs over in our SHOP, including the very popular TAPIR and FLAMINGO designs and the brilliant, MIGHTY PIGEON and BADGER IN A CROP TOP 

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