An original, mixed-media, art piece. Created by Jo and her son.


Oil and ink on to a heavy watercolour board, size A4, unframed.


This piece was created as part of the Artist Support Pledge.


 Our collaborative process starts with my son illustrating an animal using pencil or ink (sometimes of the really wild variety and sometimes inspired from watching the wildlife in our garden) I then transfer his fantastic sketch onto a heavy watercolour or fibre board so I can add colour and texture through a series of mixed-media. The characters we are creating have made us smile so much and we hope make others smile too!



Every time an artist reaches £1,000 of sales, they pledge to buy £200 of work from other artist(s). Donations are encouraged to other concerns too, such as @_hopsitalrooms @screen.south @samaratanscharity @s_lawrencetrust @refugecharity @survivalinternational


Will be wrapped carefully and posted in a boardbacked envelope.


Walrus Original