Vintage Rose.


This stunningly beautiful, hand- dyed, plant-dyed ribbon is the MOST MAGICAL of all of my natural ribbons due to it's lengthy natural dyeing process, which took several months.


Size- 114cm x 20cm (approx)


Naturally dyed last year, this piece of art has gone through a variaton of processes and stages which makes it utterly unique and a complete one-off piece!


First dyed with avacado skins and stones, it has then been wrapped in foraged leaves, iron and copper. Finally enveloped in natures powerful magic, it enjoyed a winter hibernation, absorbing the secrets of the forest.  


Wear as a ribbon, a scarf or enjoy as a piece of art, decorating your home. 


Please note: This unique piece is delicate by nature, with a very vintage and aged look. The nature of this particular natural-dyeing process creates unique marks, imperfections and variations which gives this piece, it's unique beauty.


Care Instructions:

Fabric dyed with botanicals is free of toxins and harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment and irriate the skin. Ntural dyes are delicate and require a little extra care to maintain. Natural dyes are pH sensitive and sensitive to extreme prolonged sun exposure. When not wearing, Keep this special piece carefully placed out of direct sunlight.

It is recommended that you do not wash this piece but if you do; hand wash in cold water (rain water prefered) with a natural, gentle pH- neutral soap. Dry away from direct sunlight.


*If you require a larger 'magical vintage' piece , please contact me for more information!*

Vintage Rose- A Naturally-Dyed Bamboo silk, Large Ribbon/ scarf

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