Taking a Pause.......

Today I'm closing the door to my little studio in the magical forest for a few days. We are heading off along the South coast on a trip to beautiful Cornwall, for a wonderful family holiday and a break away from everything! For a few days there will be nothing but coastal walks, wild swimming, surfing and beach picnics (whatever the weather) and time to just sit quietly and drink in the stunning and awesome natural world surrounding us.

My family and I are huge believers in the power of nature as medicine for our physical and mental health and we spend as much time as we can swimming wild, wandering through the New Forest bathing in it's energy, or down on our community farm, growing veggies, but there is something extra special about Cornwall, something quite unique that brings us back pretty much every year! I believe it's the energy and light down there, it feels so powerful and always leaves me feeling truly alive!

So I am taking this time to pause, to be present in the moment 100%, to rest my mind and leave the whirl of the social media world for a little while. I may add in a few pictures to my instagram stories from time to time if I feel like sharing some magical moments but I won't be replying to messages or adding images to my grid for those few days. I feel that by stopping and stepping away from screen time I can allow my imagination to flourish, thrive and grow, I already have so many ideas that I plan to ponder on whilst I'm there and I know that my most exciting and magical ideas for paintings always hit me when I'm completely immersed in nature.

I promise to come back fully inspired, with heaps of ideas and energy to keep on creating my art and sharing it with all of you wonderful souls. I have exciting plans for sharing my art process and inspiration with you on different platforms and some exciting collaboration ideas with local artists which I look forward to sharing. My first collaboration will be with my fantastic 'animal-loving' friend and awesomely-talented photographer Matthew Clarke who captured this stunning photograph of a new forest pony on a magical dawn shoot!

photo by Matthew Clarke

Till then, I wish you all a peaceful few days!

Love from Jo, my little family of Roses and one little blue dog.


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