Did you miss it?

I've just sent out my July newsletter and it was the most colourful and sparkly one so far!

If you received it you would've been the first to see photos of my new paintings AND been lucky enough to find out the exciting news about my new studio- no ones else knows about yet! ;-) Shhhhh keep it a secret!

My new series of small paintings are all in my shop NOW, go have a look and let me know what you think! Each painting has been created through a beautiful mix of plein-air and studio work where I capture quick marks, colour, light and shape on location and then rework back at my studio, painting a remembered emotion and using photographs as reference. I've loved creating each one as they are from treasured locations I visit regularly.

In my shop you'll find colourful, mixed-media paintings of the New Forest in Hampshire, beaches in Cornwall, Corfe Castle in Dorset and Black down forest in Surrey. I've used a mix of oil and acrylic on canvas board or wood and they are all currently unframed, however if you require framing please get in touch.

Make sure to go and sign up over on my home page so you don't miss my next newsletter in September, you'll receive photos of my studio renovation and possibly video too (I've got secret plans for this) and I'll be telling you all about my Summer travels and of course another veggie recipe from the Farm and more.

One last thing before I head into the shade...

I'm now over on TikTok, I've finally given in and I'm going to give it a try, so far it's been a challenge to learn but quite fun! I'm loving all of the editing features and possibilities. So if you're over there give me a follow, it's always very much appreciated!

Bye for now!

Jo X

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