Blue Dog is officially on Instagram!

And he's very happy about that indeed! He hopes that you'll join him over there to follow along with his funny, felted antics! I'm sure it won't be long before Red Squirrel and the rest of the woolly crew join him!

So far this year, Blue Dog has been rather lazy. He's not really one for the cold, grey days and prefers the warmer days of Spring, so we've found him snuggling under blankets and snoring his head off!

One thing Blue Dog has been enjoying though is a spot of Bird watching, having recently joined the BTO ( British Trust of Ornithology) he is participating in their national Garden Birdwatch, which involves members recording the birds and other wildlife who use your garden each week throughout the year and then sending in your recordings. This is the largest survey of its kind in the world and with over 11,000 supporters, all participating in an active role in ornithology and helping to understand the importance of gardens to birds.

Unfortunately for Blue Dog, he also has to record sightings of a particularly nutty squirrel and one grumpy, orange cat! Let's hope they don't scare the birds away!

To find out more about the BTO and to get involved, visit or @gardenbirdwatch

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Wishing you all a lovely day!

Jo and Blue Dog XX

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