Jo works with a range of mediums and tools to produce her unique and quirky mixed-media art and illustrations, ranging from crafting with materials including wool and felt through to painting and digital design.  Sustainability is extremely important to Jo and she strives to incorporate as much recycled and natural material into her art, including recycled card, paper and fabric and natural-dyeing with foraged leaves and floral waste. 


Some of Jo's most recent fine art pieces show a clever combination of mixed-media, combining paper-cutting, natural-dyeing, needle-felting, embroidery and Lino printing to produce her unique range of colourful and textured pieces. 

Over the past three months, Jo has been super busy creating news designs featuring her humorous and quirky critters, which are now available in her shop as cards and prints.








As a nature-inspired artist, Jo is passionate to develop her knowledge of sustainable crafts and after attending a natural dyeing course last year, Jo has become thoroughly inspired by and immersed in, the learning and practice of natural dyeing. During the process Jo uses locally foraged and sourced material, including floral waste from local florists and also as much rain and sea water as she can in her practice.


Jo's naturally-dyed, fine art pieces are truly unique. Each piece undergoes a variation of natural dyeing and bundling processes which are intuitively led, followed by a prolonged period of earthy hibernation.

dark canvas1.jpg

This photo was taken during Jo's last bundle dye which took place on her local beach where sea water was used to steam the natural hemp fabric, wrapped with floral waste.

During Covid-19 Jo has continued to work with this slow and mindful craft by allowing her latest canvasses to rest before washing in rain water and continuing with mixed-media. 

Jo plans to lead natural-dye work shops in the future and exhibit her canvasses locally. To find out more about Jo's natural art canvasses visit  ROSE IN THE FOREST.