Our little blue dog has been a huge inspiration to me and features in my latest greeting card illustrations. He's a wonderful companion in my studio and the most gentle and precious soul, who brings so much joy to our little family.


Our Family Farm Life

In April 2019 my family and I joined a community farm. It was something we'd wanted to do for some time, so when I discovered a farm in walking distance from our home, we jumped at the opportunity!

 As a family who love the outdoors and spending time in nature, it felt like the perfect place to find that sense of community and to learn new skills to connect us further to the natural world.

Our community farm is a place where we're learning so much about growing our own food and reducing our carbon footprint. It's a peaceful  place where time slows down, where we hear birds sing and insects scurrying, where we get our hands in the dirt and our feet on the grass and I feel energised and inspired.

The Ocean and Forest

We feel very lucky to live so close to the New Forest and the Sea and spend as much time as we can there. These are the places where I gain the majority of my inspiration